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The Choral Scholars of King's College, Cambridge

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  QUIL401 - Christmas - With the Choral Scholars of King's College
QUIL403 - Carry Me Home - Folksongs from around the world



The Choir of King’s College owes its existence to King Henry VI who, when founding the College in 1441, envisaged the daily singing of services in his magnificent chapel. This remains the Choir’s raison d’être and is an important part of the lives of its 16 choristers, who are educated on generous scholarships at the College School, and the 14 Choral Scholars and two Organ Scholars, who study a variety of subjects at the College itself.

As part of King’s College Choir, the Choral Scholars have toured extensively in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and the USA. As ‘Collegium Regale’, the group provides entertainment at dinners and conferences, as well as giving frequent concerts, notably at Easter when they split into two groups which tour the North and South of England. The programme for these concerts reveals the breadth of their repertoire: sacred music from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, madrigals, folk-songs, part-songs and close harmony. This diversity of styles reflects the variety of the Choral Scholars’ talents, with groups such as ‘The Scholars’ and ‘The King’s Singers’ emerging from their ranks.

If you would like to book Collegium Regale for a concert or dinner, please contact the Business Manager on Tel / Fax (01223) 322421.

The Director of Music of King’s College Choir is always pleased to hear of prospective Choristers and Choral and Organ Scholars. Please contact him on (01223) 331224.

The King’s College Chapel Foundation has been launched to raise funds for the Choir and to provide for the upkeep of the Chapel. It costs the College around £500,000 a year to maintain the fabric of the Chapel and to keep it open for services.

The object of the Foundation is to ensure that the Chapel and Choir can continue to move forward, preserving and enhancing their outstanding reputations, and by so doing, enable visitors, listeners and viewers from all over the world to delight in the architectural and musical glories of King’s.

For further information, please contact King’s College Development Office on (01223) 331313.




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