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Robert Bates - organ, Alan Wiemann - narrator


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£12.99 inc VAT


A journey of the Mind, Body, and Soul


  What is the nature of the universe?


  The Voice of philosophy answers this question by guiding us 

  through the teachings of the ancient Greek thinkers.


  The Voice of science then answers by leading us through time as 

  we learn about the evolution of matter.


  Finally, the voice of religion answers by taking us on a journey 

  through the cosmic layers until at last we encounter the Absolute.



  This brilliant 3-CD set is much more than an organ recording -- it is 

  a musical and philosophical inquiry into the nature of the mind, the 

  body and the soul.  Music of Messaien, Pärt, Ligeti and others, is 

  joined by many of Bates' own compositions.


  Stanford Memorial Church's Fisk-Nanney and Murray-Harris organs, 

  pre-recorded organ, synthesizer and narration guide us on this 

  remarkable musical journey.





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