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  Bach and the French Influence

Kimberley Marshall


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12.99 inc VAT


Organ of Stanford Memorial Church

Charles B. Fisk, Opus 85 (1984)


  This recording and LRCD1024 'Bach and the French Influence' mix 

  works of J.S. Bach with those of his Italian and French 

  contemporaries.  Marshall's programme notes connect these 

  composers to the Bach works presented here.


  'Bach and the Italian Influence' has been remastered and given a 

  new, larger booklet, including photographs and a complete stoplist   

  of the Fisk-Nanney organ of Stanford Memorial Church.  'Bach and 

  the French Influence' is a new release.


  The Stanford Fisk was inspired by organs which Bach would have 

  played, and is unique in that it incorporates two different tuning 

  temperaments (well-tempered and meantone), both of which are 

  heard on these recordings.




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