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  Wondrous Machine

Christopher Stembridge


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Early English Keyboard Music

on the organ of the Ospedaletto in Venice


  The Conservatorio dell’Ospedaletto has had a series of organs 

  since its foundation in 1528. The present instrument was built in 

  1751 by the leading Venetian organ-maker of his day, Pietro 

  Nacchini (his Opus 160). Its fine baroque case which predates it

  (1698) stands in the choir gallery situated above the main altar. The 

  instrument has remained unaltered and was restored in 1983 by 

  Franz Zanin.


  Christopher Stembridge specialises in keyboard music of the 

   renaissance and early baroque, particularly from Italy.  In addition 

  to publishing various papers, he has edited music by de Macque, 

  Mayone and Frescobaldi. Apart from the organ, he also plays

  the clavichord and the cembalo cromatico, a harpsichord with 19 

  notes to the octave –  a reconstruction of an instrument that was 

  widely used in late 16th-century Italy.




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